Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photo Story

I really enjoyed this assignment. I am going to make one for Griffin(son). It would be like a digital scrapbook, something I don't have the time for. I am grateful for this assignment because I would have liked to do this with my 6th graders last year.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stressful Survey

Wow am I stressed out! I completed the survey but not sure that I submitted it correctly. I tried to open up the survey again but I CAN'T find it. I think I am loosing it.
I did like the survey- it was nice to stop and think how comfortable I was using the areas discussed in the survey. I definitely am not a pro at spreadsheets.
The second survey was very simple and was nice to have access to the gmail addresses of the other people in the class.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Introduction to the unknown...

I love learning new thing that deal with technology but knowing that I could mess up and get a poor grade intimidates me. The following two areas are the areas that are new to me.

An interesting tool to have available especially in an online class. When you do all your work on-line and never have face to face contact, having the ability to have verbal interaction when you are desperate for help is wonderful.

I have resisted the urges from my friends to blog. I am intimidated, but excited to be forced into this realm of technology. This is the push I needed. I understand the usefulness. My only hope is that I can blog what is needed for the class.
*Personal Note* I know I will begin to use this as a way of keeping friends and family, that I don't see very often, updated on my life.

I hope I won't have too many questions- I am a visual learner so this course may cause me stress since we don't have any direct assistance. Good Luck everyone.