Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Presidents Crappy Graphics

Crappy Graphics

This was a fun activity. I created my crappy graphic on Abe Lincoln and George Washington. This is activity is a great way to have students create Venn Diagrams.-another way to steer away from paper pencil activities. For smaller children you could create a graph/diagram as a small/large group activity. You would have to be cautious about what they could view on the submitted graphs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Online Graphics
This assignment was constructed to compare 4th grade math scores of students in WV verses the national average.
The Kid's Zone site where I created the graph was very self explanatory and easy to use. This would be a great tool to teach students to use. Students could graph their progress in comparison to other students in their grade/ state wide/ or on a national level. This activity would also be great because they would understand their test scores when returned from the state. Graphs are a wonderful tool to compare and unlimited amount of topics.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Photoshop Fun
It is nice to know that there is an easy photo editing program that is user friendly. I thinks students would love editing their pictures- they love using my digital camera. This would be great for creative writing- have a student create a "funny" picture like the one I did of my dog then have another student write a story about the picture. Another create way to keep writing fun and allow students to be creative with their photography.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crafty Editing

This activity is great for activities that you need to show a picture of a web page and add in directions for completing tasks. If you were giving a presentation or teaching students about a new program you could create these images so that they could see exactly what you were talking about if computers were not available (visual learners). This would also be great for students who will be out of school when you are teaching a particular program/site ect. You could print screen the web pages that you will be going over and add in the directions or notes they will miss in class. This was a pretty easy assignment to understand and complete that I have used and will you in my future projects.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I chose to create my graphics by using my digital camera.I put my pictures into a PowerPoint presentation so I could use it with my smart board. I can also print them out and post the pictures at the sinks. Hand washing is such a big part of the pre-k world.The graphics will allow students to follow all the procedures visually. I add the text so that other adults that come into the room would also learn how the students need wash their hands.
I was going to create one small graphic but I need to have large enough pictures for the children to see and use it on the smartboard at the beginning of school. So a small single graphic would not have been benificial to me. I did not have students take these pictures but in the past I have had students take pictures to create a layout of our day- tool for transition and routine.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dale's Cone of Experience

We were asked to read and comment on Multimadal Learning Through Media.

Basically the cone has many layers. The cone’s layers are based on the relationships between educational and real life. The top, or peak, the type of learning is very abstract and as you move down the cone the educational experiences are more concrete. Each level of the cone provides experiences that would use all the senses. As you move towards the peak the fewer amount of senses you will use. The more senses a person can use the better chance they will have of retention. Dale believed that when you paired the abstract with the concrete learning is more meaningful.
The cone of experience is logical. Educators across the US know that if you implement the layer the more retention is going to happen. The more hands on or senses used the better the child will understand and retain the concepts. The thing to remember is that when it was written there was limited technology so the information is limited.
I believe that the cone that focuses on reading is correct. I have implemented many of these in my own reading classes at a variety of grade levels. By the time you get to the bottom layer students have a true understanding.


Well once again I an having problems. I have tried to complete the assignment. I started the process but hit a wall because FSU library site says that you can not use your FTP if you have Internet Explorer 7- which is what I have. I am frustrated. We have a required assignment to do but Fairmont's system does not support what I have in order to complete it. I tried to do it at work but the internet was down. Well I have finally completed my assignment. I need to sent a huge THANK YOU out to all the classmates who helped guide me through this. The library web site also has a video on how to do this. I just needed to see how to do it.
This assignment has pushed all of my buttons. I do see that there is a use for this- last year I could have used this with my students in the computer lab because the computers no longer used disks to store materials and I did not have enough zip drives. This is a great tool if it is accessable so there is a storage system for all the students.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Web Publishing
This has been interesting. I do like how you can share information and documents that you can open no matter what system you have. I'm not sure I put the link in properly.