Monday, May 4, 2009

WebQuest Complete

I have enjoyed this assignment the most out of everything we have done. I was scared because of all the other problems I have had with the assignments for this class. I have used web quests in my classes before but never thought I would create my own. I am so excited about this and think this is a wonderful tool for our computer generation students. WebQuest allow students who are creative shine while other students who are more "book smart" get to shine in their area as well. The students care able to show the other students and teachers talents that may be hidden when doing traditional school work.!WestVirginia

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Web Quest

I have high hopes for the web quest activity. I have been having trouble with the assignemts but I am hoping that the GardenQuest will allow me to create a web Quest without loosing my patients. I have used web quests in my classes but have never created one- I am really looking forward to this activity.

Manipulatng Data- Narrative

The cullmination of the speadsheet activities. With this acttivity we were able to create a summary sheet- we insserted formulas to do the calculation for us. The calculatios allowed us to see totals for all the areas and have data over the three years. This is important for the teachers who have record keeping- I used spreadsheets and summary sheets for my pre-k students who had to pay tuition. I could pull up how much money was paid into my classroom, the characterists of my paying students.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not Part of the Course Work- Just Venting

I have been working really hard but not seeming to get to far. At various points during this class I get really excited when I get an assignment completed the way it needs to be- without great struggle. But those have been few and far between. I thought I knew about computers- not saying I am a computer buff but not foriegn to them by any means. I put together my schools web page and ran it for 3 years as well as ran our in-school tv program. After this class I am surprised I am able to turn on my computer without assistance. I think my computer felt the same way- the hard drive crashed, it isn't even a year old! I have been trying to fix old assignements but I can't seem to get them to work. This may be the one grad class that will put me over the edge and drop my GPA. I hope I pass- it wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't put so much time and effort it to the work.

If it says that a web site is broken, what do you need to do to fix it?
Sorry, just needed to get it out.

Manipulating Raw Data

This assignment allows use to learn how take the data recieved and put it in a format that can be easily accessed. With large amounts of data it is better put to use if one can organize the information so that the percentages totals can be viewed quickly. This information is a great tool for teachers when creating reports for students/parents and the school/school system. A teacher can show progress or declines that the students are making.
To complete this assignment we had to learn how to create formulas that does the math work for you and because you can put the formulas in multiple sheets this is a way to work smarted not harder.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun With Data- Formatting

The information in lesson will help me in my billing for my paying students. I have to keep tack of payments made and what is still owed by other parents. I will be able to set up spreadsheets for each of the school months. This would also be usefull in record keeping of all kinds- grades and tracking submitted/missing work. This is a simple tool that can be used in a variety of ways.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Creating and Online Quiz using Google

This is a GREAT tool. I am so glad this was an assignment. I will use this all the time! Teachers have the ability to allow students to take a paperless quiz/test. You can use this for any level k-12. This allows students to use technology instead of the dreaded paper pencil versions. This is also simple enough that students can create their own quizes. I would recommend that teachers use this as a remediation or retesting tool. Students could create their own quizes to quiz themselves or their peers.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Moving Pictures

What a create assignment- I am not saying I was creative but this could allow you, the teacher to be creative and/or allow the talents of budding artists to show off your talents. Once again students who are not good at public speaking could give a great presentation without having the fear that sometimes presentations can bring. Students are such creative creatures they would love to develop one simple area of technology- power point, something they would learn in early elementary and develop that skill to a more artistic project. Just think how prepared they will be if this was taught to them in elementary school. As they go through school and have to present they could impress everyone with these talents.
I enjoyed the assignment and want to develop my skill more, my problems always come when it comes to uploading to my blog. I can't seem to master the Blog!

YouTube - shayryan26's Channel">

Friday, April 3, 2009

myrubric 1

myrubric 1
I have used the rubric maker on other classes. This is a great tool that you can create in a few simple steps or you can take some extra time and customize to be very specific for your needs. This is also an easy way to teach students to create rubrics for assignments. This is a simple technology approach that makes the life of a teacher a little easier.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


PDF documents are a great way to sent a document to a wide range of users. A PDF will allow you to save at a smaller size. Adobe is our means of converting/saving documents to PDF's. When I saved my powerpoint as a PDF the address changed slightly- part of the address is stated as file view.
It is important to know how to do this activity- if you have a large file it will be condenced and saved as a smaller file. You will free up space used when this is done.
My issues stem from the powerpoint not saving the way I needed it to. Frustration level was high. I have concers about the sharing part of the assignment- not sure how else you can share the PDF. Is there a link?
This would be great to do to send information out to students or colleges as well as use the PDF version to print out if needed.

Action Buttons & Google Presentations

The Jeopardy game is a great review for all students. With this assignment I have learned that the action buttons allow you to create a powerpoint that is interactive. This is a lot better than spending lots of money on a commercial version of the game. Students could also use this template and create their own game for thier classmates to use. Just as you said in an email- hopefully students will walk away with more information on power point- many young students have the basic skills and this allows you to step up the technology in the classroom. To start this activity I would pair students up and have them take a section of the study and create the title and five question. This would allow students to experiment with the action buttons and review question- great to help student with outlining- you have to pick important questions/answers for the game. You can not write everything (limited to five questions per section.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Power Point


I have used power point since I was in undergrad. I have used this tool in all levels of my teaching. With a few days to go over all the areas you can let students free to explore and create. Power point is an easy way to teach your child to create a presentation. Students who do not feel comfortable standing infront of a class and talking can gain confidence by using power point. I have had some second graders create some great power points- they loved the creativity they research projects were much better and they were at ease when presenting to the rest of their peers.

Side Note: I have limited computer usage- my hard drive crashed the other day and has created a hardship when it comes to getting my work completed. Dell sent out the new hard drive but the tech guy doesn't have what he needs to transfer all my files- all my work from Fairmont was saved there! It is NO fun not having a computer to use when you need to.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pod Casting
What a project. I have spent a lot of time and energy but have learned alot. I teach pre-k students and maybe my brain isn't thinking enough but I don't think I could use this as much as I think the older students would benifit from it. I have taken a new job recently and think I am going to try and implement this. For pre-k student I would use it in the event I had a meeting or was going to be out for the day. this would be a great way for the students to get the information the way I would deliver it and in the same process I teach without me being physically there. This activity would be great for home bound students or students who were going to be out of school. this would allow them to stay current with the class and be right on track with the rest of the students when they return.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Presidents Crappy Graphics

Crappy Graphics

This was a fun activity. I created my crappy graphic on Abe Lincoln and George Washington. This is activity is a great way to have students create Venn Diagrams.-another way to steer away from paper pencil activities. For smaller children you could create a graph/diagram as a small/large group activity. You would have to be cautious about what they could view on the submitted graphs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Online Graphics
This assignment was constructed to compare 4th grade math scores of students in WV verses the national average.
The Kid's Zone site where I created the graph was very self explanatory and easy to use. This would be a great tool to teach students to use. Students could graph their progress in comparison to other students in their grade/ state wide/ or on a national level. This activity would also be great because they would understand their test scores when returned from the state. Graphs are a wonderful tool to compare and unlimited amount of topics.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Photoshop Fun
It is nice to know that there is an easy photo editing program that is user friendly. I thinks students would love editing their pictures- they love using my digital camera. This would be great for creative writing- have a student create a "funny" picture like the one I did of my dog then have another student write a story about the picture. Another create way to keep writing fun and allow students to be creative with their photography.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crafty Editing

This activity is great for activities that you need to show a picture of a web page and add in directions for completing tasks. If you were giving a presentation or teaching students about a new program you could create these images so that they could see exactly what you were talking about if computers were not available (visual learners). This would also be great for students who will be out of school when you are teaching a particular program/site ect. You could print screen the web pages that you will be going over and add in the directions or notes they will miss in class. This was a pretty easy assignment to understand and complete that I have used and will you in my future projects.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I chose to create my graphics by using my digital camera.I put my pictures into a PowerPoint presentation so I could use it with my smart board. I can also print them out and post the pictures at the sinks. Hand washing is such a big part of the pre-k world.The graphics will allow students to follow all the procedures visually. I add the text so that other adults that come into the room would also learn how the students need wash their hands.
I was going to create one small graphic but I need to have large enough pictures for the children to see and use it on the smartboard at the beginning of school. So a small single graphic would not have been benificial to me. I did not have students take these pictures but in the past I have had students take pictures to create a layout of our day- tool for transition and routine.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dale's Cone of Experience

We were asked to read and comment on Multimadal Learning Through Media.

Basically the cone has many layers. The cone’s layers are based on the relationships between educational and real life. The top, or peak, the type of learning is very abstract and as you move down the cone the educational experiences are more concrete. Each level of the cone provides experiences that would use all the senses. As you move towards the peak the fewer amount of senses you will use. The more senses a person can use the better chance they will have of retention. Dale believed that when you paired the abstract with the concrete learning is more meaningful.
The cone of experience is logical. Educators across the US know that if you implement the layer the more retention is going to happen. The more hands on or senses used the better the child will understand and retain the concepts. The thing to remember is that when it was written there was limited technology so the information is limited.
I believe that the cone that focuses on reading is correct. I have implemented many of these in my own reading classes at a variety of grade levels. By the time you get to the bottom layer students have a true understanding.


Well once again I an having problems. I have tried to complete the assignment. I started the process but hit a wall because FSU library site says that you can not use your FTP if you have Internet Explorer 7- which is what I have. I am frustrated. We have a required assignment to do but Fairmont's system does not support what I have in order to complete it. I tried to do it at work but the internet was down. Well I have finally completed my assignment. I need to sent a huge THANK YOU out to all the classmates who helped guide me through this. The library web site also has a video on how to do this. I just needed to see how to do it.
This assignment has pushed all of my buttons. I do see that there is a use for this- last year I could have used this with my students in the computer lab because the computers no longer used disks to store materials and I did not have enough zip drives. This is a great tool if it is accessable so there is a storage system for all the students.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Web Publishing
This has been interesting. I do like how you can share information and documents that you can open no matter what system you have. I'm not sure I put the link in properly.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photo Story

I really enjoyed this assignment. I am going to make one for Griffin(son). It would be like a digital scrapbook, something I don't have the time for. I am grateful for this assignment because I would have liked to do this with my 6th graders last year.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stressful Survey

Wow am I stressed out! I completed the survey but not sure that I submitted it correctly. I tried to open up the survey again but I CAN'T find it. I think I am loosing it.
I did like the survey- it was nice to stop and think how comfortable I was using the areas discussed in the survey. I definitely am not a pro at spreadsheets.
The second survey was very simple and was nice to have access to the gmail addresses of the other people in the class.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Introduction to the unknown...

I love learning new thing that deal with technology but knowing that I could mess up and get a poor grade intimidates me. The following two areas are the areas that are new to me.

An interesting tool to have available especially in an online class. When you do all your work on-line and never have face to face contact, having the ability to have verbal interaction when you are desperate for help is wonderful.

I have resisted the urges from my friends to blog. I am intimidated, but excited to be forced into this realm of technology. This is the push I needed. I understand the usefulness. My only hope is that I can blog what is needed for the class.
*Personal Note* I know I will begin to use this as a way of keeping friends and family, that I don't see very often, updated on my life.

I hope I won't have too many questions- I am a visual learner so this course may cause me stress since we don't have any direct assistance. Good Luck everyone.